dimanche, août 05, 2007

God is everywhere!

The more I read the works of Father Ryan, the more I like him. He never considered himself a poet. First, he was a priest, and a good one. As a young priest, he entered upon the active duties of missionary life just after his Ordination. Then he served as a chaplain in the Confederate army during the war between the States. He served in this capacity until the end of the war, delivering sacraments to the soldiers on both sides. It is in Augusta, GA that he founded the Banner of the South. After the war he continued to serve the South by his lecture tours in the country and his writings. Beyond his affection for the South, he never forgot the greatest cause of his life: the honor and the glory of God. He was also known for his great devotion to Our Lady.
His verses tell us about him. As he said, they were “written at random, off and on, here, there, anywhere, just when the mood came, with little of study and less of art, and always in a hurry. Hence they are incomplete in finish, as the author is.” It might be true, but at least “these verses mirror the mind of the author.” If we can judge a tree from its fruit, then we have to admit that it was a beautiful mind which has composed these writings.
John Moran reports that “Father Ryan was an open , manly character, in which there was no dissimulation.” It is enough to us to make him a congenial person. He was a man of principle and of heart. Friendship was not a vain word for him. John Moran even says that “it was a necessity of his nature. It was a sacred union formed between kindred spirits – a chain of affection whose binding link was fidelity.

Today, his spirit is still alive through his verses that we like to share. He wrote once:

Go, words of mine! and if you live
Only for one brief, little day;
If peace, or joy, or calm you give
To any soul; or if you bring
A something higher to some heart,
I may come back again and sing
Songs free from all the arts of Art.

May Father Ryan come back today and sing with us a Laudate in honor of God for all the graces He gives. This poem of Father Ryan is dedicated to the persons who have a lot of imagination in order to explain or to justify their tears. And remember… it is not a farewell, but just an adieu, for God is everywhere!

Farewell! that word has broken hearts
And blinded eyes with tears;
Farewell! one stays and one departs;
Between them roll the years.

No wonder why who say it think –
Farewell! he may fare ill
No wonder that their spirit sink
And all their hopes grow chill.

Good-bye! that word makes faces pale
And fills the soul with fears;
Good-bye! two words that wing a wail
Which flutters down the years.

No wonder they who say it feel
Such pangs for those who go;
Good-bye they wish the parted weal,
But ah! they may meet woe.

Adieu! such is the word for us,
‘Tis more than word – ‘tis prayer;
They do not part, who do part thus,
For God is everywhere.

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Anonyme a dit…

Yes, Abbe, all true. Most pertinent post this night. But some of us must cry as the tears come, because our affection for you overflows out of our hearts and our sadness at losing you pierces. But the physical pain we will carry in our hearts will 'comfort' us as it will help us feel you near when you are gone.
You are as Fr. Ryan was once described: 'John Moran reports that “Father Ryan was an open , manly character, in which there was no dissimulation.” And :"He was a man of principle and of heart."

No doubt many of us will travel far and wide to visit you..................for though you like to say no one is irreplaceable..... it is not true. You are are irreplaceable. :)