dimanche, mars 25, 2007

In memoriam

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre
( November 29th 1905 - March 25th 1991 )

We don't accept the decision of Archbishop Lefebvre regarding the consecration of four Bishops against the will of the Holy Father, but we are still gratefull for the great work he did during his life, especially in Africa and then in his efforts to defend and keep the traditional Mass and the preaching of the Faith.
Let us pray for the repose of his soul!
Requiescat in Pace

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humboldt a dit…

As a Roman Catholic I believe that Archbishop Lefevbre was a man of God, and I believe that he is a Saint. He was a modern Athanasius, and thanks to him alone, the true Catholic Faith was saved. I thank God for this man, and I feel humble and insignificant in view of the faith of this man that "stood up" alone to the tyrany developing at the Vatican after the II Vatican Council. Being despised and condemned by the "modern" Church, he prooved to be a man of faith and a real catholic, not like many of the wolves that took control of the Catholic Church after the II Vatican Council.

¡Thank you Archbishop Lefevbre!

¡Deo Gratia!

Knight of Malta a dit…

perhaps a future saint?

_ a dit…

Very true Fr!
If it were not for him I'd hate to know where we'd be. We may also be in a very different situation too but we don't know. Someone had to do it, and it was him. I believe he will be a Saint one day.
You have a great blog, I check on it everyday.

humboldt a dit…

I also hope and wish that one day he will be proclaimed a Saint, but in all honesty this will not be in the near future, but in the very long future. It will be the task of the SSPX to fully keep his memory alive, not only on his story but on the issues he defended, so that future generations of catholics learn to recognize and value the character and contribution of this man in defending and keeping the true catholic faith, during a moment of the greatest peril to the faith, as it was during the past 45 years. In this he was truly alone. Only a saint is capable of such fortitude.


Anonyme a dit…

Thank you God the Father,
Thank you God the son,
Thank you God the Holy Spirit,
for the blessing to your Church in the person of Mons. Marcel Lefebvre, a real saint.
Thank you for Saint Marcel Lefebvre.

Anonyme a dit…

Father, what is your email address?

Father Demets a dit…


Tony a dit…

I believe that if the good Archbishop consecrated the bishops just at the right time, according to Divine Providence. If he refused to do it, I believe he would have failed in his duty as a bishop in preserving the Catholic Faith in this terrible crisis.

God bless Archbishop Lefebvre!