mardi, novembre 20, 2012

The making of Cantemus Domino

Once upon a time in North Arkansas, there was a traditional Catholic Community. One day, they decided to record a CD as a testimony of their faith... and to raise money for a church that they would never see! But God's ways are not ours!
The recording took place in Batesville, AR in the summer of 2008 if my memory is good. It was a good time for all of us. Today my gratitude still goes for those who participate in a way or another in this work. God bless them!

Here are some little scenes I recorded with a  camcorder!

O Emmanuel

Interviews with some of the most talented singers in the world

Adoramus Te

Sir Clayton, our organist, 
who, I hope, will be able to visit us one day in France and to play one of our Cavaillé Coll organs.... unless he prefers to play an English organ in Brittany ;)

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