mercredi, décembre 23, 2009

Christmas schedule

At Cherokee Village
December 24th:
- 9:30 pm: Matins followed by the chant of the Genealogy of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
December 25th:
- Midnight: Midnight Mass (High Mass)
- Réveillon (Christmas party) after Midnight Mass
-7 am Mass at Dawn ( Low Mass)
At Mountain Home
December 25th:
- 5 pm: Mass of the Day (High Mass)
Keep Christ in Christmas also means keep Christmas in Christmas time!
(Christmas time begins on December 24th with the First Vespers and ends on January 13th. It gives 3 weeks to celebrate the Nativity of Our Saviour. It is not appropriate to celebrate it and have "Christmas" party durind Advent that is a time of preparation and of penance)

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