vendredi, mars 20, 2009

Declaration of President Blaise Campaoré

President of Burkina Faso, Blaise Campaoré made a statement on the use of condom: a lesson for our politicians who want to impose their own views to the whole world. I did not find an English translation of his speech that was posted on Le Salon Beige in French. I used google translator and made a few corrections so that it can be understandable.

It is a moral commitment when you are responsible for a community of 12 million people. In West Africa, AIDS threatens the lives of millions of men and women. Its impact on society is considerable. The head of state must be at the forefront. Burkina Faso has developed a strategic framework with the classic elements of the fight against AIDS: prevention, epidemiological monitoring, and care of patients. We are starting to achieve results - the prevalence rate decreased from 7% in 1997 to 4% in 2003. [...]

Faced with international agencies, it is important to resist. They can advise us, but they cannot do for us. [...] The Europeans do not feel the danger of AIDS in the same way as us. For Burkina Faso, the danger is immediate. The pandemic is a visible reality, it strikes your family, your closest friends. In Europe, you may have time to make arguments for or against morality. In Burkina, we do not have time. [...]
There is often a chasm between what the media say and what happens on the field. In Africa, we are living with AIDS every day. The debate on condoms, as you have, do not concern us. The French like controversy; it is their ‘Gaulois’ side! Some criticize the Church's position by claiming to defend the Africans. Very well! But most of them never came here! I advise them to come to stay in Burkina Faso. Here, the imam, the priest and the chief work together: they all have the ambition to face the same pain. Focusing on the condom, is ignoring the problem of AIDS. [...]
Many people ignore the work of the Church in Africa. In France, the intelligentsia does not understand the nearness with Catholic leaders. But in Burkina Faso, the Church means primarily schools and clinics. The debate on AIDS is not theoretical, it is practical. The Church makes its contribution. If abstinence is a means of prevention, we will not do without it! [...] The Church has no monopoly of abstinence! As head of state, I have made commitments in this direction since 2002 as part of the campaign "It's my life." The objective was to put people in front of their responsibilities. Among the commitments offered, some were directly call for abstinence, "I decided to abstain from sexual relations when my husband (my wife) is absent "and" I decided to abstain from sexual relations until marriage. "

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