mardi, juillet 29, 2008

Gregorian Workshop

As the proper chant to the Roman Catholic Church, the Gregorian chant is the patrimony that all the faithful share together when they perform the greatest and noblest act on earth: the perfect adoration due to God through the Divine Liturgy. Contrary to a false conceived idea, it is not an elitist chant but truly a popular one, in the meaning that every one can sing it. You just have to visit the churches where it is still used to realize that, and it is certainly today a beautiful testimony of faith when a congregation joyfully sings the glory of God. On the other hand, it is quite sad and not very encouraging to hear only the silence or some muffled whispers during a high Mass or any solemn Offices. Unfortunately, it is often the case in many churches in the U.S. where the Latin Mass is still celebrated. This strange and unfortunate phenomenon has been analyzed by certain authors such as Thomas Day in Why Catholics can’t sing. Whatever are the reasons (Irish inheritance or individualistic piety), the fact is that the silence of the congregation does not meet the desire of the Church expressed by the Popes:

So that the faithful take a more active part in divine worship, let Gregorian chant be restored to popular use in the parts proper to the people. Indeed it is very necessary that the faithful attend the sacred ceremonies not as if they were outsiders or mute onlookers, but let them fully appreciate the beauty of the liturgy and take part in the sacred ceremonies, alternating their voices with the priest and the choir, according to the prescribed norms. If, please God, this is done, it will not happen that the congregation hardly ever or only in a low murmur answer the prayers in Latin or in the vernacular.”
Pie XI in Constitution Divini Cultus (also quoted by Pius XII in the Encyclical Letter Mediator Dei)

In order to promote the Gregorian chant and to make it an entire part of your life – there are for example pieces that you can sing at home with your family during your prayer time – we will have a Gregorian Workshop at Saint Patrick Church, North Little Rock. It will be a short introduction to the Gregorian chant with a historical part and some basic exercises and practices. Then, we could continue a long and old tradition that go back to the Old Testament - that contains many invitations to sing – and that will be achieved and perfected in heaven where we will sing with the angels forever.

Saint Patrick's church, 211 West 19th street
North Little Rock

Friday, August 15th : 4 pm – 5:30 pm
Saturday, August 16th: 9 – 11 am
Sunday, August 17th : 2 – 4 pm

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