mardi, novembre 07, 2006

A little story!

When God created the world, He decided to offer two gifts to each one of His people so that they can thrive. So, He made the Germans hard-workers and disciplined; the English Phlegmatic and ironic; the Italians joyful and humanistic; the Spanish brave and sober; The Belgians benevolent and jovial fellows; the Dutchmen clean and ordered. As for the French who had His preference, He decided that they would be intelligent, honest and democratic.

When the world was completed, the angel in charge of the distribution dared to question the Almighty:

- Lord, You wanted, in Your infinite wisdom that two gifts are granted each one of Your people, but the French have received three gifts and they are placed at the top of the others. Is that conformed to Your Justice?
The Creator answered: - In truth, I say it to you, each people received two gifts. The French people like the others, because no one will be able to have My three presents at the same time.
Thus it was.
And since… No democratic and honest French is intelligent. No democratic and intelligent French is honest. And no intelligent and honest French can be democratic.

3 commentaires:

Andrew a dit…

Do all honest, intelligent frenchmen bear an uncanny resemblance to Emus, or is the photograph unrelated to the text?

Father Demets a dit…

Well, maybe the democratic Frenchmen do!

Anonyme a dit…

Dear Father Demets,
What a fine story! We also like the picture of the story teller!
God bless