lundi, février 19, 2007

Day of Reparation

St. Francis de Sales will have Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and a day of prayer of Reparation and Adoration on Tuesday, Feb. 20th following the 9:00 a.m. Mass. This day is being offered as Consolation to the Sacred Heart of Our Lord, Jesus Christ and the Immaculate Heart of His Mother, for the many atrocities and sins that occur against their sanctity and purity, especially on this day each year known as “Mardi Gras,” “Fat Tuesday,” and “Carnivale,” preceding Ash Wednesday and the Lenten Fast of preparation for our Lord’s Passion and Death. Please consider signing up as a Guardian of Our Lord for at least one hour.
9 : 00 am Holy Mass
9 : 50 am Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
10 : 00 am Holy Hour of Reparation
to the Holy Face of the Shroud of Turin
12 : 00 Angelus / Infant Jesus Rosary Chaplet /
Litany of the Sacred Heart
3 : 00 pm Chaplet of Divine Mercy
6 : 00 pm Angelus / Rosary of the Holy Spirit /
Litany of the Immaculate Heart
8 : 00 pm Consecration of the Human Race
to the Sacred Heart of Jesus /
Litany of Saint Joseph /
Litany of Saint Francis de Sales
9 : 00 pm Benediction

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