jeudi, octobre 30, 2008

Humour of the saints

From the Life of Blessed Father Daniel Brottier

His confrere would have more difficulties a few weeks later to digest (both literally and figuratively) another joke that Daniel (Father Brottier) would prepare to Father Tranquili. Annoyed to hear his confrere always claim to have an infallible sense of gastronomy, Daniel decided to confound him.
Therefore a stray cat ended on the table of the rectory, under the appearance of a tasty rabbit. The guests painfully accepted the revelation of their disgrace, made during the time of digestion. The diary of the community remains silent on the story (Father Brottier himself told Father Pichon the story in Auteuil). The fact is that the writer would have been one of Father Brottier’s victims!
Bon appétit !

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