vendredi, novembre 30, 2007

Happy Men!

I would say happy men of English language, since a good soul had the courage to translate my little text of yesterday. In our secret vocabulary, we call this a profiterole! Enjoy it!

An evening thought

Human beings are often much more spoiled by our Good God than are the angels. After all, the Son of God assumed our nature, not the angelic nature. It is said that certain angels would have fallen from jealousy due to this alone. It is human , we would it not angelic too?
It is a thing indeed that the angels do not have, or at least, that we do not share with the angels in the same way. It is brought on by the intimacy which we can have with the Saviour, all the more greater intimacy because of the incarnation which is prolonged in the Eucharist. The poor angels!
They do not have the Holy Communion, the Holy Angels themselves! Admittedly, those which remained faithful - they did not succumb to the temptation of jealousy - now have the happiness of seeing their Creator. That is enough to give them an inalterable joy. Consequently, they do not have any reason to be jealous of us. And it is well thus, because we could, nevertheless, provide them other occasions for which they could envy us. What do we thus have that they do not have?
The great St. Francis de Sales has given us an answer: "If jealousy could penetrate the kingdom of the eternal love, the angels would envy the sufferings of God for man and those of man for God"
Ah, truly! We, poor fellows, will never comprehend well to what degree we are blessed!

Nota Bene: My brain works probably better this morning and I found a mistake in the translation which appears to be, if not a mistake, at leat a theological imprecision!

Here it is: the Son of God assumed our nature, not the angelic nature!

The French texte was: le Fils de Dieu a revetu notre nature, non une nature angélique !
Un or une is a in English while le or la is the. And here it is important to keep a, and not the, because there is not one angelic nature but many. In fact, each single angel has his own nature and there are as many angelic natures as there are angels.

Nevertheless, the translator will not be punished for this little distraction !

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Anonyme a dit…

...and a great little lesson at the end..........Grazie! Teach us more about the angels and their natures. I am compelled to pull out St. Thomas! :)