dimanche, août 05, 2007

1907 - 2007 : one century of Scouting!

The Institut of the Holy Cross of Riaumont – an Ecclesia Dei religious Order – organized a meeting in Brittany for the celebration of the first century of Scouting. 900 boys and girls Scout attended the event ( July 21 - 23 ).

Bishop Madec celebrated a Pontifical Mass

According to Father Sevin, founder of Scouting in France, "The Cross is in the middle of scouting as in the middle of the liturgy. We put the cross to its place, well visible, well radiant, well bloody, on the chest and the face of our boys; it was not an unspecified cross; Its four bars or brackets voluntarily gave him a severe, rigid, stable aspect and solid too. Just as it is, it had been reproduced nine hundred years earlier on the coat of arms and the shield of Godefroy de Bouillon… Cross of the knights, cross of the Crusaders, Holy-Cross of Jerusalem, in its scarlet arms holds a whole symbol, a whole program, and it is not by chance or artistic preference that we chose it. Yes, when we have created the scouts of France, it was really a Crusade which we claimed to start. "

100 years of service and Faith!

100 years of joy!

100 years of ideal!

Deo Gratias

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