dimanche, avril 26, 2009

Confederate Memorial Day in Georgia

"I, SONNY PERDUE, Governor of the State of Georgia, do hereby proclaim April 2009 as CONFEDERATE HISTORY MONTH and April 26, 2009, as CONFEDERATE MEMORIAL DAY in Georgia and encourage our citizens to observe this occasion with appropriate ceremonies. In witness thereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of the Executive Department to be affixed this 11th day of December in the year of our Lord two thousand eight"

The marching armies of the past
Along our Southern plains,
Are sleeping now in quiet rest
Beneath the Southern rains.
The bugle call is now in vain
To rouse them from their bed;
To arms they'll never march again--
They are sleeping with the dead.

No more will Shiloh's plains be stained
With blood our heroes shed,
Nor Chancellorsville resound again
To our noble warriors' tread.
For them no more shall reveille
Sound at the break of dawn,
But may their sleep peaceful be
Till God's great judgment morn.

We bow our heads in solemn prayer
For those who wore the gray,
And clasp again their unseen hands
On our Memorial Day.
(Unknown writer)

2 commentaires:

Louis E. a dit…

Until all North and South accept that the South was WRONG in its cause,the wounds of the Union will never be healed.Just read the "Declarations of Causes of the Seceding States"...the fathers of the rebellion made crystal clear to the world that the preservation of slavery was foremost on their minds,whatever their whitewashing great-grandsons may pretend.

Father Demets a dit…

Well, I have no time to answer now, but quickly: The Declarations of Causes, if you read it well, is more against anti-slavery than for slavery, which is not the same thing.
Then, beyond the question of slavery, if in the Union, a State is not free to remain or to leave this Union, then the word Union is improper. This is not matrimonial union.
And I can finally use the same argument than yours to say that untill all the States of the Union accept that the Declaration of Independance was wrong, The USA will never recognize the Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ.