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A good project

August 1, 2008

Open letter to Members of the St. Therese Missionary Society from Carol Ann Beeman:

May Jesus Christ be praised!

Dear Friends and Supporters;

As you have read in past newsletters, I was made principal of St. Peter’s Catholic School (K-6) in Pine Bluff, Arkansas last July. As in other years, I experienced personally the extensive needs in Catholic schools and felt the importance of addressing the spiritual needs of the children attending them. This has confirmed a long-term sense that God might be leading me to build a new order of teaching sisters. This proposed order would also include contemplative nuns to support the work with prayer. Preference will be given for the Extraordinary form of the Roman Rite from 1962 and common prayer from the Latin Carmelite Breviary of 1959, with use of the Ordinary Form of Mass, as situations may dictate.

This letter is to ask for your prayers and also to request that you spread the word to young women who might be interested in trying their vocation to help build this new Association of the Faithful. I met with Bishop Anthony B. Taylor, Bishop of Little Rock on July 29, 2008. He reviewed the enclosed Plan for 2008-2009 and gave his commendation and his blessing to begin the new work, A tentative rule has been written and was also approved. Copies may be requested.

Carol Ann Beeman
St. Peter’s Catholic School
1515 S. State Street
Pine Bluff, Arkansas 71601

School: (870) 535-4017 Convent: (870) 534-2316
Cell: (870) 448-7163
Or contact me at: 202 Walnut Street, Marshall, AR 72650
(870) 448-3403
Yours prayerfully,

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