mercredi, octobre 31, 2007

La prière des Chefs

The following text is well known by the Boys Scouts and by the Officers of the Army in France. I think it applies very well for each of us. Is our goal not to become a Saint, as the numerous Saints that we celebrate on the Feast of All Saints?

Leading the way... toward Heaven!

Si le fardeau est trop lourd pour toi, pense aux autres.
Si tu ralentis, ils s’arrêtent.
Si tu faiblis, ils flanchent.
Si tu t’assoies, ils se couchent.
Si tu doutes, ils désespèrent.
Si tu critiques, ils démolissent.
Mais si tu marches devant, ils te dépassent.
Si tu donnes la main, ils donneront leur peau.
Et si tu pries alors ils seront des saints.

If the burden is too heavy, then think about the others.
If you slow down, they stop.
If you weaken, they flag.
If you sit, they lie down.
If you doubt, they despair.
If you criticize, they demolish.
But if you walk ahead, they run over.
If you give your hand, they will give their life.
And if you pray, they will become Saints.

Colonel de Charette, leading the Pontifical Zouaves at the battle of Loigny

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